Features and Bylaws:


You can automatically narrow your choices down to a field of reputable contractors.


EPCRCA members stand behind their work.


We've been around. Our founding 20 members have a combined total of over 200 years in the roofing industry.


We're here to stay. Roofing is our livelihood and professional career. It's how we pay for our homes, our children's education and support ourselves within the community. We are not fly by night entrepreneurs scheming to make easy money at your expense.


Because EPCRCA members are required to hold liability and workers compensation insurance, you are not held liable for damage or injury which most occur during work on your property.


We value our good names and care about what consumers in the Pikes Peak Region have to say about the caliber of work we perform.


We're consumers too. We don't like being taken advantage of any more than you do. This is an arena where we can bring our professional expertise to the table to benefit the community.


To maintain members in good standing EPCRCA contractors are required to be licensed, and to be current on liability and workers comp payments. We monitor consumer concerns and work with conflicting parties to achieve resolutions. Failure to adhere to our standards results in membership being revoked.


In addition to roofing contractors, membership is open to distributors, manufacturers and other support services such as insurance agents or inspection professionals - anyone affiliated with roofing who wants to make a positive commitment to the industry and the Pikes Peak Region.